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My Goal

Get you interested in making yourself better! Teach you how to learn.

Everyone needs a starting point and I had many. By sharing my understanding I am hoping to get you interested in developing yourself in whatever area needs improvement.

I am not a CPA, I just budgeted my money for 4 years to pay off massive student loan debt.

I am not a Personal Trainer, I just like going to the gym 4 days a week and knowing the nutrition of the food eat.

I do not own a $100,000 car, I just consume tons of automobile content and pay very close attention to the industry.


Fitness became a passion of mine after the overwhelming emotions hit me of my student debt. I ended up driving 20 miles almost daily just to get the mental relief going to the gym provides.

Working out is an optimal time for building relationships. The gym is a time where when you are there nothing else in the world matters and nothing else going on affects you. It is you and the gym. While you are there you just focus on bettering yourself mentally and physically.

Personal Finance

From TONS of debt to a financial education.

I literally clawed my way out of debt by using zero-sum budgeting. Along the way I knew I had 4 years worth of money I needed to make up. This took me on a long lesson of discovering an understanding of investing and personal finance. Those 4 years were not going to be wasted due to not having capital to invest. The time was invested in learning how to use my money when it is available to keep growing my own networth.

Please use my experience and ask me how I did it.


Want a new car? How many makes and models are you familiar with?

I love automobiles the product and the industry. Everyday I consume about 2 hours of content whether it be articles or videos. New or old. Economy or exotic. EVERY car has something special to offer. Find the traits you love in a car in a price range that does not financially handicap you.

It is too easy to just go out and buy a car you are familiar with. Knowing all the cars in a specific price range and type segment is near impossible for the average consumer and could cost you your budget.

General Consumer Advice

Being super frugal, I have to buy the best value I can obtain.

Over paying for items is too easy. Do $250 designer headphones truly provide 12.5X the value of a standard $20 pair you can get on Amazon? No. Do you need an $800 Laptop to surf Facebook and check email or will a $250 Chromebook with 4x the better life meet your needs?

Use your money wisely and only chose a small subset of items you truly care about to splurge on.

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